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Gabe Esparza Proves Fiscal Bonafides with Fundraising Momentum and Cash on Hand Advantage in North Carolina State Treasurer Race

FEBRUARY 2, 2024

Raleigh, NC – After Gabe Esparza and his opponent, Wesley Harris, released their 2023
fundraising numbers, Harris remained ahead in absolute dollars but several key indicators point
to a significant shift in the political and financial winds:
● In the last six months of 2023, Harris’ fundraising dropped by over 20%, while Esparza
out-raised him by more than $115,000 since entering the race in July
● From July 1 to December 31, 2023, Esparza raised $263,207 to Harris’ $147,292
● Esparza currently holds a cash on hand advantage of $181,636 to Harris’ $160,651
● Despite a total 2023 fundraising haul of more than $300K, Harris has spent over $180K,
which is more than 50% of his total resources.
● Approximately $136K of the recent spending was directed to a local political consultant
Gabe Esparza issued the following statement:
“Smart money management isn’t just good politics–it’s a core job requirement of our Treasurer.
If my opponent can’t manage a $300,000 campaign budget, how is he going to manage billions
of dollars in state pension funds? His donors can’t trust him with their money, you shouldn’t trust
him with yours, either.”
Internal campaign polls say that Esparza is well within striking distance, even as most voters
have yet to form an opinion of the candidates. The likely winner will be the candidate with the
resources to “introduce himself” to voters via paid communications in the home stretch.
Esparza’s financial acumen makes him the clear favorite come election time.


Gabriel Esparza is a dedicated public servant and financial expert running for North Carolina
State Treasurer. With a focus on fiscal responsibility, transparency, and integrity, Esparza is
committed to managing the state's finances effectively for the benefit of all North Carolinians.

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