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'The Purple Ballot’ examines North Carolina's Council of State and important races to watch

JANUARY 24, 2024

Part One: The Council of What?
North Carolina has ten statewide elected officials who comprise the Council of State. But just why is NC's council so large, what powers do these offices possess, and why should you care?
Chris Cooper, Professor of Political Science at Western Carolina University

Part Two: A look at the NC Treasurer's race
North Carolina has a massive public pension fund - upwards of $120 billion dollars. The state treasurer is sole fiduciary of this fund and holds significant powers over where - and how - the money is invested. The current state Treasurer is not seeking re-election, so we’ll talk with some of the folks vying for that role.
Wesley Harris (D), candidate running for state Treasurer
Gabe Esparza (D), candidate running for state Treasurer

Part Three: Highlighting NC's State Superintendent race
Jeff Tiberii gets a preview of the Republicans who want to serve as state Superintendent.
Michelle Morrow (R), candidate running for state Superintendent
With tape from Catherine Truitt (R), North Carolina Superintendent of Public Instruction, who is seeking re-election. Truitt has not agreed to an interview.

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